Tuesday, December 06, 2016


News, from SIL, got pregnant, alhamdulillah. Married on April 2016.
Alhmdulillah for the rezq. I am truly happy for her. Congratulate her.
I don't know..when I enter my room, I burst into tears. My body feel weak. And, the fact that I am working 24hours on that day doesn't help, at all.
From 12noon, until 6pm..i cried, stop, pray, cried again, stop, recite Quran, cried again and again. Until 6pm, I have to force myself to get out from the room as I am still supposed to work.
Until next day, and the day after that..I had the mood swing. A very bad one.
And, I am on every other day 24 hours working...so I am physically and emotionally drained...
Come on, I am honestly happy for her. I am. But I can't just help it. Gloomy, sorrow. Sometimes I just feel hopeless.


Berdamailah dengan takdir.

HE knows best!

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