Monday, October 10, 2016


Quite some times..not writing here.

Living stressful life, never-ending work, never-ending burden.

Nov to January next year would be chaotic, as many of them taking long leave for part 1, part 2 & paces.

Left with me, unsure..with eod calls or maybe back to back..

They once ask me, what do i want. Straightly, my answer was : i want to be housewife/WAHM/SAHM.
And they give a shocking face to me.

Come on, what's wrong on being housewife/SAHM/WAHM?

I once told my old friend, the reply i got was : ada husband boleh laaa


I am pissed off, but jokingly replied : no la. Not ok when i want to do online shopping.
Ha ha (fake).

Seriously? U think a working wife depend much on her husband? Let me tell u, u ARE wrong.
Of course, the husband would give the nafkah everymonth, prepare all the neccessities et cetera..
But, when i want to indulge for myself, when i am stress and want to buy this & that, or eat this and that, i don't ask the money from it's not his responsible anymore. It's not necessities, it's just, I WANT.

So the idea of, i am married and have a husband, and it's OK for me to quit, just because i am married, is totally wrong.
I quit, but i need to support myself, and have my own income.

What i am rambling about..

Actually my colleague told me not to waste time & quickly take part 1,2,paces & gazzette.
I can feel that i am still not ready. Plus, my interest not on that field.
In my defense, why should i pay & burden myself for something that i am not even like?

So, yeah.
I am in a depressed state.
Chronic fatigue syndrome.

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