Friday, August 26, 2016


When my brain keep thinking of all the excuses possible, then I know..i need to stop.
Take a break.

Thing is, I just had a break.
Or maybe it's not enough?

Day by day, I find myself can't tolerate more on routine.
Yup, daily dull routine.
It's kind-a boring to me.
Plus, I don't have any booster to go for work.

I don't know how long I can survive like this. My head & brain keep thinking on quitting.
But that's not the choice at the moment.
At least not for another 1 year.

O' Allah, please guide me.
Show me the light.
Show me the path.
Show me the road.
Show me the journey I should be on.



Zhi said...

Hi .. blogwalking here ..

I hope things will get better. I hope Allah will ease everything. Find something to do after work. Go workout or jogging just to get sweat and some adrenaline released into your blood. Or think positive and be grateful because we have a job that we can earn something to feed us.

if you don't like what you are doing for living, find another one. But make sure you do it right.

You take care .. =)


b i n t a n g said...
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b i n t a n g said...

Thanks for those warm words.
I need it now.

Sure will try something new somehow..someday.

Thanks for your prayer, too.