Saturday, February 06, 2016


I feel,

As a daughter.
As a wife.
As a woman.

I feel inadequate.

As much as I try to keep the faith,
and I know He's The Best Planner,
I am somehow just a whiner after-all.

As much as I try to keep positive,
at some point,
I would feel a sharp struck to my heart.
It hurts.

I cry alone.
I cry out loud..but still alone.
No one knows.
And I will try to gather myself again, and be strong,
and stand up again.
Or at least, faking as strong as possible.
Faking it until I made it.

As a matter of such,
I just hope,
HE never left me, and guide me through all the way.

I just need to keep having a faith,
and believe.

In sha Allah.

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