Tuesday, October 06, 2015

Rain. Vain.

Hey baby.
It's raining heavily here.
And I wish you are here.

Miss you, terribbly.
I miss u.
I miss us.

Why...on earth...
Don't know.

Just want to rolled myself with the duvet, and sleep...to forget everything.
Yes, everything.
It's hard.
Yes, very hard.

He is definitely testing us.

I just miss u.

It's painful.
Seeing others become painful now.
Scrolling on net become heavily teary now.
Chitchatting with others become so much hopeless now...
It's everything.

I want to see the rainbow, after the rain. And I demand the rainbow to be permanent.
As for now, I will just trying to dance in the heavy flowing rain.

Wish me luck.

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