Tuesday, September 01, 2015


Had a heart to heart session with the big boss. Come on, previously the other boss keep bugging me for further study. But, I don't feel right, and..I just feel it's not the time yet, as I already have a lot on my plate at the moment.

So, I believe someone talk about this matter with the big boss, and..here we're today, having a heart to heart conversation.

I am shaking all over, and nearly cries. Imagine, your big boss come to your place, meet you & talk nicely with a very warm voice & tone (which is different when it's about work). If she can, she can jusy call & ask me to come to her room. Instead, she walked down & meet me personally. Yes, I feel grateful.

It's something big, something that require a lot of commitment. Yet, she just guide me..and the rest, she leave it to me to think about.
Yes, it's very personal; and difficult too. It's the decision that will change your life forever. And, I need to prioritize.

I just feel that I need to write it here, just to remember..when I feel uncertain. This session, relieve me a lot. A lot. Last week was a bad week for me. Stressful & depressed all-day-along.

So, as for now..I am more confident & certain on what I want to do next. At least, for next few months.

Thanks, you know who you are.

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