Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Random 2.

1) Belum pun apply transfer, or dapat transfer..I already prepared my speech for majlis perpisahan nanti. Ha ha. Basically, I just want to vanish, no ceremony what-so-ever. But, knowing them...
But yeah, I will try to keep it as secret & just vanish. For me, what's for the ceremony..if it's celebrated with fake faces? Sorry, thank you. But, the fact that I already have a speech prepared (on my mind) for the ceremony...just shows how much I hate to be here. Full stop.

2) I always wonder, why in most of the ads..will be ended with giggles or laugh? Is it a must or what? I don't know others, but I find it annoying and stressful. Ha ha. Well, sangat fake ok giggles tu.

3) Life is....a mess at the moment. I am trying to breath in and out, as calm as possible. Too many thing to be settled, yet so little time. And..a lot of thing need to be discussed, between us. Hmm.. I just hope and pray silently, that all will falls into place later on. Please..

4) Respect is to be earned. Respect, and scare are 2 different things. You treat me good, then I will definitely treat you better. Haish, apa pula kisah you masuk dalam ni. Mendatangkan amarah betul. There are no such place for your story actually. Just because, I don't heart it..and I don't want the negative vibes. So, yes... shuuuuhhhh. Go away.

5) Rindu. My colleagues (not friend, it's different things meh) knows my stories at the surface. Even just knowing the surface, make them to conclude that...I sacrifice a lot. I don't know they meant it or not..but I will just take it as true. But, yeah..I know I sacrifice a lot..but, I don't have complains. I love it, and will keep doing it, till the end.

6) Helplessly waiting for weekend. Bye!

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