Monday, August 17, 2015

Be There

You know what I feel?
I want to be there, with you.

With your current condition, I am more than happy to take care of you.
I want to prepare a healthy & hearty meals for you.
I want to keep the house clean & clear from dust.
I want to make you swallow your medications.

I want to do all.
And, to be beside you.

Until one time,
I am thinking, how if I take unpaid leaves.
Because all I want right know is..
To take care of you.

But I know,
He is The Greatest Caretaker.
Just have faith in Him. I know He will take a good care of you.
I believe.

No moods here and there.
Because my heart isn't here, anymore.
I am super duper worried, and I can't do much while my feet are tied here.

Hang on there, my dear.
I know & I believe,
We can make it through.

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